Welcome friends!

My name is Rosa. I am a long-time K-12 educator turned children’s therapist, as well as a former fashion designer. I am fortunate to have several decades of experience teaching and working with children, parents and professionals in various fields. These rich learning experiences enabled me to curate my subscription boxes for kids who needed to better fulfill their sensory needs during the pandemic. Now, I cannot imagine my life without my customer friends.
It is my honor to present the various subscription boxes that I curate:
1. VIP Box of Sensory Toys (Monthly Subscription Age 4-9 years)
This is a children's sensory box for kids of ALL abilities! I curate each child's toy box, so the toys, activity books, games and tools included for that month may be used during therapy, school, social activities, family bonding and playtime. It is a quality box with a new theme each month. I include a positive inspirational quote card in every box.
2. Fidget Toys Subscription (Monthly Mini Box for Tweens) 
This is a mini mystery box of fidgets for tweens. It's my most economical and popular, so I put a lot of effort and time creating a sweet and satisfying experience with trending fidgets and inspirational cards, stickers and/or mochi squishies as finishing touches.
3. Teen Sensory Box (Quarterly Subscription for Teens)
This is a quarterly high quality box of sensory toys, brain toys, fidgets, clever books/games, self-esteem tools or calming items. It is the perfect box for either neurotypical and neurodiverse teens. I LOVE this box. It's extremely helpful for anyone seeking a unique box for tweens, teens or young adults. 
4. School Sensory Box (Quarterly Subscription for K-5th Grade)
This box ships 4 times a year and is best for larger families who prefer less shipments. It's also recommended for homeschoolers, teachers, regular elementary schools, pediatric clinics and therapists. The School Sensory Box includes a mix of VIP box favorites from that season. As a former teacher, I am happy to further customize. Bulk orders may receive a slight discount. 
Our sensory toys, skill building games, activity books and social cue cards encourage language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, creativity,  social interaction and more. Not only are these subscription boxes loved by parents, therapists, and teachers; they are also the perfect gifts year round. We are also happy to ship donated boxes to your favorite at-risk families, schools or foster homes, which are causes dear to my heart.
Thank you for reading a little more about myself. It's been quite the journey to get here, but I greatly look forward to creating magic for your family for many years to come! 
~Rosa Alva
Founder and CEO, Box of Sensory LLC
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