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TEEN SENSORY BOX 💛 (Quarterly)


SENSORY TOY BOX 💛 K- 4th Grade (Quarterly)


Cute Stretch Dachsund Stretchy Toy


100 Rainbow Square Pop It- Large


How Was Your Day? Conversation Cards


What Do I Do? Conversation Cards


Fingerprint Activities: Animals Book


Playfoam Pluffle


PBLZ Magnets


LED Flashing Neutron Ball


"Hi There, I'm Fine" Squish Toy


Sloth in a Hurry Spinner Game


I Heard Your Feelings - Conversation Cards by Eeboo


Schylling Needoh Mac'N'Squeeze


The Unworry Doodle Book


Mega Stretch Lizard- Club Earth by PlayVisions


Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks Metallic


X LARGE Pin Prints


Box of Sensory Toys Gift Card


Mood Flip Book


Cute Squishy Dumpling Stress Ball


Dinos After Dark Book


Rainbow Modeling Clay


Schylling Needoh Dohnut


Cotton Candy Cloud Putty Slime - Resealable Bag


STAX 28pc Insane Magnetic Building Block Set (BLACK MAGNETS)


14 oz Elemental Iconic Bottle with Pop Fidget Strap


Spread Their Wings

Box of Sensory Toys is a perfect selection for therapeutic play, skill-building, calming or self-regulation. Our unique specialty toys deliver fun and whimsy, and they can be gifted to any child. The kids will happily anticipate their toy box arrival! 

Power of Play

Children become more creative simply by playing. Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain. It also supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. 

Our Joyful Impact

To a child in need of stability, a cherished toy is a reminder of being home. Our sensory toys are ideal tools for calming anxiety and stress in kids and help to create new carefree memories. Join us in donating toys to deserving foster kids. Make a difference in their lives and your own.