Let's Talk About Our NEW Fidget Fun Pack!

Do You Fidget? What is a Fidget Toy?

Most people subconsciously fidget. Common examples of fidgeting are when a person twirls his or her hair, plays with food, drums a beat with fingers, bouncelegs back and forth while sitting, cracks knuckles, clicks pens, bites fingernails, chews on a pencil or pen and squirms in a seat.
fidget toy is an object that can be provided to a child or adult to regulate that person's need for movement or touch. Fidget toys provide an outlet for a person to redirect his or her energy or sensory needs, while enhancing the person's ability to remain calm, focused, and attentive. Fidget toys are often used as self-regulating or calming tools and can help to improve fine motor skills, finger or hand dexterity, hand muscle development and more.

Why Do MOST Kids (and Adults) Enjoy Fidgets?

Finding novel ways to manage stress is more crucial than ever nowadays, and tactile input can be quite soothing and even a bit addicting. A fidget toy can help a person redirect his/her focus or anxiety by allowing him/her to filter extraneous sensory information.

By engaging the person's hands (or arms, legs, etc) in simple, repetitive motor movements, the fidget user is able to filter or “tune out” what would otherwise be distracting to his or her senses. This would include sounds, smells, lights, movement, other people in close proximity and much more.    

What Are the Benefits of Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are often used as self-regulating or calming tools and can help to improve fine motor skills, finger/hand dexterity and hand muscle development. Fidget toys aid in supporting a person's attention span, stress, finger or hand dexterity, alertness and emotional regularity. 

Now more than ever, people are using fidget toys in creative ways. The following are benefits of fidget toys:

  • Fidget toys can help a person decrease high energy, while also helping to increase that person's focus, motor and learning skills
  • Fidgets provide a less distracting and more socially appropriate way for a person to satisfy his or her energy redirection while focusing on a task.
  • Hand/arm/limb fidgets can be used during physical therapy or by children to improve hand or finger dexterity and fine motor skills 
  • When hand or finger dexterity and fine motor skills improve from the use of fidget toys, this also helps with every day skills, such as lacing shoelaces, using eating utensils, brushing teeth, writing, buttoning or opening items
  • Bubble Pops are being used to learn or teach letters, numbers, counting and even math
  • Fidget toys can be used at any time of day or night and in various settings, as they are often small and made for easy use while at school or work desks
  • Passengers in cars, trains, cruise or plane trips can use fidgets quietly without disturbing others in the same space
  • Fidget toys can often help with a person's emotional regulation and calm state of mind, if they are coping with stress or anxiety

"Fidget Fun Packs" - Our Newest Subscription

While fidgets may not seem like they are improving concentration, calming or improving finger dexterity or hand muscle development, they truly are doing just that. Plus, they are incredibly enjoyable, as well!

Personally, I began to have more and more teens and even adults write to me because they absolutely could not get enough of our FIDGETS! When Box of Sensory Toys attended our first Pop Up Event a couple of weeks back, I tested the waters with mini packages of all fidgets. They were a HUGE success! 

Immediately, I decided that I would create a small subscription fidget package for kids, teens and adults who consistently seek quality fidgets at value prices. That was when my "Fidget Fun Pack" was born.

I am very excited to hear more about what fidget or sensory toy preferences YOU have. Please feel free to leave a comment, DM or share if you have questions or comments regarding our new Fidget Fun Packs. We'd love to hear from you. After all, every one of our curated toy packages are made with you, your family and especially your children in mind. 

That's why I call this your "Magical Journey into the Power of Play!"  :)