The Unworry Doodle Book
The Unworry Doodle Book

    The Unworry Doodle Book


    Let your worries float away as you doodle, draw, scribble and sketch your way through this relaxing book.

    With helpful advice and reassurance from an adorable little sloth character who helps out in Usborne's series of 'unworry' collection of books on looking after our emotional and mental health.

    Contains relaxing, absorbing doodling activities that help to encourage mindfulness and put worries in perspective.

    A book for children to doodle and draw inside to help promote calmness and stress relief. Aimed at primary school children, this simple book offers plenty of empty pages and starter doodles to help children empty their worries onto the page in a calm and safe way.

    Includes mindfulness tips as well as doodling pages.

    Age 8+, although we recommend age 6+ with a parent's guidance (It's a doodle book)

    64 Pages