Fidget Toy Advent Calendar
NEW! Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

NEW! Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

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Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

Christmas Gift - 32 Mystery Fidget Toys

Count down the days before Christmas while unboxing daily fidget toys

Advent Calendar Details:

  • Makes the ultimate mystery sensory toy gift 
  • Includes a variety of approximately 32 popular fidgets that stretch, squeeze, flip or pop
  • 25 Day Calendar comes with similar toys as shown in varying color combinations
    • Recommended for children ages 4 and up
    • Toys include some of all of the following and/or more:
      • Bubble Pop Toys
      • Simple Dimples
      • Mochi Squish Toys
      • Marble & Mesh Finger Fidgets
      • Infinity Cubes
      • Pea or Peanut Fidget Key Chain
      • Stretchy Strings
      • Mini Hand/Finger Fidgets
      • Tiny Slinky
      • Rainbow Fidget Ball
      • Fidget Snake
      • Finger Chain Fidgets
      • Stretchy Fidgets
      • Spiky Sensory Rings
      • Assortment of Fidgets
    • Perfect holiday gift for kids, tweens, tweens or anyone who loves fidget toys! 
    • Suitable for ALL kids or adults, including those with sensory needs 
      • Studies have shown that fidgets help with focus and self-regulation