A Note From Our Founder

Hello Dear Friends!
My name is Rosa, and I am the founder of Box of Sensory Toys. I am a long-time (15 years) educator and therapist, who also had a prior successful career as a clothing designer.
I am fortunate to have decades of experience working with children, parents and professionals in various educational and professional settings.These rich learning experiences have enabled me to create a monthly children's subscription box with educational and therapeutic toys and tools called VIP Box of Sensory Toys.
I began Box of Sensory in the Fall of 2020 during the pandemic, after realizing how many families and children were affected when the pediatric clinics and schools closed. Not surprisingly, people have told me that they intend to continue with their sensory boxes because they enjoy the convenience of having it delivered to their homes. 
The VIP Box of Sensory Toys subscription is ideal for school-aged (4-10) children of ALL abilities, including kids with anxiety, ADHD, Autism or sensory needs. These toys and tools are often used in therapy, at home and even in school. These items are high quality and chosen for learning, calming or skill-building purposes, and I change the theme every month. I also include special inspirational cards to empower my young clients. 
Because I adore meeting with the public, I began to sell my toy boxes at Pop-Up events beginning in June 2021. After a very successful July 4th event, I decided to begin a mini monthly subscription of fidget toys. Fidget Fun Packs are currently super popular and ideal for just about any age and ability. Approximately 90% of my current Fidget Fun Pack subscribers are 10-18 years old neurotypical tweens and teens. There is no greater joy than watching their eyes light up when they walk away from my pop up event with a custom box. In the subscriptions, I am including small touches like mochi and inspirational quotes. 
Outside of the two subscriptions that I sell monthly, I also have One-Time Boxes, including a Baby Box of Sensory Toys, Happy Birthday Toy Box, Mystery Box and Special Edition Holiday Box. 
Not only are these toy boxes that parents, therapists, and teachers love, these boxes are also available as a one-time or monthly donation for foster children. 
My desire is to make children everywhere feel as special and magical as I feel that they are when I curate these toy boxes for them. 
I am so grateful to be able to provide this service, and I look forward to creating magic for your children for many years to come!
With Fun & Whimsy,